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Cool & Cool Day Cream 50ml

Cool & Cool Day Cream 50ml

Day Cream
SKU: R2371
Stock: In stock
Brand: Cool & Cool
PKR 850

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> Cool & Cool Regenerating Day Cream 50ml , Skin Conditioning, Tightening & UV Protection, Made in Germany,

> Cool & Cool Regenerating day cream reduces the wrinkles and prevents dehydration of skin. UV filters support the skin's natural protection against UV radiations. It moisturizes and protects the skin by improving the texture and softens the skin tone. Provitamin B5 supplies moisture and supports the skin's natural balance.

>  The cream is provided with a rich complex of vitamin E, Vitamin B3, as well as provitamin B5. The day cream's active ingredients leave the skin feeling pleasantly soft and smooth.

>  The main ingredients in this cream are D-Panthenol + Vitamin B3, Vitamin E and UV-Filters.

>  Penthenol(Vitamin B5) has the hydrating ingredients to reduce the wrinkles and it has good absorption power. It also promotes the generation of new skin cells.

> Vitmain B3 keeps your skin fresh and healthy.

> Vitamin Emaintains the oil balance reduces water loss and reduce scratch marks. .

> Ultra Violet Filters (UV FILTERS) which is used for sun protection and sun burn treatment.

> Suitable for daily use.

> Skin compatibility dermatologically confirmed.

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We only send emails once a month and only about good things